Can Hemp-Derived CBD Help With Pain

Can Hemp-Derived CBD Help With Pain

Hemp-derived CBD is known for a handful of happy, hempy benefits, like reducing stress, providing better sleep, and helping people manage pain. There are two types of pain that CBD is particularly great for: inflammatory and neuropathic. 

Inflammatory pain is associated with a response to tissue damage and inflammation, like the pain you feel after having surgery, physical trauma, or arthritis. Inflammatory pain causes things like stiffness and mild to severe discomfort and can feel like a dull throbbing ache or constant pain. Neuropathic pain occurs when your nervous system is damaged or not working properly. Typically, nerve pain feels like a shooting, stabbing, or burning sensation that can be sudden and sharp. For example, one of the most common types of neuropathic pain is sciatica, whereas arthritis would be considered inflammatory pain.  

How does CBD help with pain? It all has to do with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Your ECS plays a role in all kinds of functions, like sleep, body temperature, inflammation, mood, and pain, constantly working to keep your body in a state of homeostasis. Essentially, when we ingest CBD or use CBD topically, our ECS kicks in to address deficiencies or instabilities, like feeling pain, inflammation, or stress. The phytocannabinoids in hemp-derived CBD help balance the ECS bringing your body back to homeostasis, so you feel less pain, experience less inflammation, and/or feel calmer and happier. 


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If you would like to start using CBD to help manage your pain, here are a few recommendations on how to get started from the Hemp Learning Channel.

  • Make sure you’re getting quality CBD. Not all CBD is created equally! Always look for a reputable company that has COAs (Certificates of Analysis) on their website
  • Ask your doctor or healthcare provider if CBD is a good solution for you
  • Talk with a wellness expert. If you don’t know what products to purchase, visit our friends at Bee’s Knees. They have wellness Consultants who can help you choose the right products for you
  • Give it a little time. Getting your CBD routine dialed in takes a bit of time and you may have to experiment a little with what works best for you, i.e. dosage, product type, etc. But don’t worry, putting in the work is definitely worth it. The benefits of CBD will last


Whether you’re experiencing inflammatory pain or neuropathic pain, hemp-derived CBD should definitely be considered to help you mitigate and manage it. Adding CBD into your daily routine can improve your health and your life.

time Feb 17, 2023

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