Three Ways Bee’s Knees Wellness CBD Intimacy Oil Helps You Have Better Sex

Three Ways Bee’s Knees Wellness CBD Intimacy Oil Helps You Have Better Sex

Due to its incredible health benefits and growing popularity, CBD is showing up in all kinds of easy-to-use products these days, from gummies to deodorants. Not only is this fantastic cannabinoid known to help improve the mood and help combat numerous health issues, but it is also a great wing person when it comes to intimacy. Yes, you read that correctly, CBD may improve your sex life, especially when it’s used topically.


As stated above, CBD has gained, and continues to gain, popularity as a more natural alternative to pharmaceutical and drug store products; this includes lubricants that many use during sexual intercourse. Not all CBD lubricants are created equally, however. Many of them still contain ingredients, like glycerin or petroleum, that can have a negative impact on pH levels, as well as cause irritation to areas of sensitive skin. This is why our favorite, sexy CBD product is the Bee’s Knees Wellness Broad Spectrum Intimacy Oil. Here are three reasons why we love it!


Great Ingredients

When developing their intimacy oil, Bee’s Knees Wellness went straight to the experts at Life Elements. Life Elements creates product formulations that are ethically and sustainably sourced, values that both companies support. Together, the two companies created an incredible intimacy oil with great ingredients. Check out the list of ingredients and the benefits below.


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp-Derived Oil (200 mg) may help increase blood flow and decrease inflammation 
  • Damiana has been promoted as an aphrodisiac and may enhance the libido and performance
  • Coconut Oil is a safe and natural ingredient that provides hydration and moisture for longer-lasting intimacy


No Fillers

What you put in a CBD product is just as important as what you leave out. The Bee’s Knees Wellness Intimacy Oil is formulated without fragrances, flavors, dyes, essential oils, petroleum, glycerin, or preservatives, making it a great product to use for intercourse. Creating a product without these ingredients allows you to enjoy it more responsibly, plus it helps keep your pH levels more balanced. 


Enhances Experience

CBD is known for its many health benefits and improving sexual intercourse is no exception. CBD has been known to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, which may help reduce discomfort during sex. Additionally, CBD may help reduce tension and feelings of stress and anxiety, providing a more relaxed mood. Here are some of the other ways The Bee’s Knees Wellness Intimacy Oil can enhance your experience:


  • Provides more glide, making intimacy more enjoyable
  • May help increase blood flow, which improves sensitivity and pleasure during intimacy
  • Due to its natural ingredients, it is more moisturizing and hydrating, which helps prevent micro-tears and signs of swelling
  • Can help pH levels to be more balanced


In conclusion, CBD may help improve your sex life thanks to its ability to reduce discomfort and provide more relaxation during intercourse. If you’re looking for a great hemp-derived intimacy oil, check out our favorite from Bee’s Knees Wellness, developed in partnership with Life Elements. You’ll certainly be glad you did. 


time Jun 20, 2023

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