What is a Tincture Spray?

What is a Tincture Spray?

Following its federal legalization, the hemp industry has exploded with a variety of useful products. As hemp gains mainstream popularity, new and increasingly innovative products continue to enter the market.

Today, we’re focusing on tincture sprays. This innovative, hemp-derived product is fun and easy to use, but many may be wondering: what exactly is a tincture spray? Read on to learn more!


What is a tincture?

Tinctures are nothing new in the world of herbal medicine. In fact, historical evidence suggests that tinctures were created and used by ancient Egyptians centuries ago, and many believe tincture use may even extend long before that era.

Traditionally, tinctures are defined as liquid herbal extracts that deliver concentrated, easily digestible doses of a specific plant or plant mixture. Although they typically utilize alcohol in the extraction process, some tinctures are made using vinegar or vegetable glycerin.

Tinctures can be used to deliver healthy doses of hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) or CBG (cannabigerol), which are often consumed to help treat a variety of ailments. Tinctures are extremely versatile and can be ingested orally by dropping them under the tongue, adding them to food or drinks, or rubbing them into the skin for topical relief.


What is a tincture spray?

Essentially, tincture sprays are exactly what they sound like, tinctures packaged in the form of an easy-to-use spray or spritz. Some sprays are designed to be consumed orally, and spritzed under the tongue for medicinal use, whereas other tincture sprays are manufactured for topical use.

Tincture sprays typically come in a small glass bottle similar to regular tinctures. However, unlike your standard tincture that includes a dropper, tincture spray bottles are affixed with a small spray nozzle that you can press down to deliver your desired dose.

Some find tincture sprays preferable to traditional tinctures because they can be easier to measure, making them a more reliable choice for those who have a difficult time dosing accurately. Just press the spray nozzle down once or twice and you’re good to go! Plus, tincture sprays are relatively mess-free and easy to take on the go with little to no hassle.

Many tincture sprays incorporate additional ingredients to enhance the benefits of the primary extract. For oral sprays, this may include fun flavors for a better, more pleasurable taste. For topical sprays, components may be added to increase absorption, protect your skin barrier, or prevent hydration loss.


Where can I find hemp-derived tincture sprays?

When selecting any hemp-derived product, it’s best to research the manufacturer for safety and testing standards to ensure your product is safe to consume. Taking the extra step to obtain a genuine, updated Certificate of Analysis (COA) assures that your product is safe and dependable.

That being said, we love Bee’s Knees Wellness because they prioritize consumer safety and well-being and provide up-to-date COAs on their website. Plus, their products are ultra-reliable and formulated with efficacy in mind!

This Bliss Spritz D8 Tincture Spray from Bee’s Knees Wellness is our go-to whenever we need mood support or tension relief. It may also soothe sore joints and muscles and encourage better sleep habits! Start slowly by spraying once under the tongue, then slowly increase your dosage to two or three sprays maximum until you’ve reached your desired dose.

Note that D8 THC (delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol) is mildly psychoactive. Although it is considered federally legal at this time, some states and local ordinances have enacted legislation making D8 illegal in those areas, so it’s always in your best interest to check your local laws before purchasing any D8 products.

If low energy is your biggest complaint, we suggest this Energy Spritz CBG Tincture Spray, a new favorite from Bee’s Knees Wellness. This handy spritz is the perfect caffeine alternative, boosting energy, focus, and motivation with natural ingredients like CBG, ashwagandha, and ginseng! Like the D8 Bliss Spritz, start with one sublingual spray, then increase to a dose that’s comfortable for you.

Check out this article to learn more about how CBG interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to pump up your energy and increase performance and motivation.


Tincture sprays offer a modern twist on the traditional herbal tincture, supplying you with the herbal extracts you desire in the form of a fun, easy-to-use spray. We hope you enjoy and benefit from hemp-derived tincture sprays just as much as we do!

time May 23, 2024

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